So what do you do when you cannot fit everyone in to your highly successful restaurant “38 Chairs”? You open a piccolo bistro version of this little wonder in Bond Street South Yarra, right next door!

Mr Bond offers all day breakfast and lunch, and is open on Wednesday to Saturday evenings, in the form of San Gennaro Trattoria Mediterranea.

Mr Bond/San Gennaro grew from a dream that the owner, Gino Forlano, had when he opened his original restaurant, “38 Chairs”. When he opened the Bond Street, South Yarra institution, he had available a very small space and succeeded in making this into a wonderful and vibrant restaurant with an emphasis on home-made pasta and authentic Italian cuisine.

But more was required! So many people wanted to linger over a prosecco, eat shared plates of Italian food, that the call to expand was impossible to ignore. So four years after “38 Chairs” began, the little brother “Mr Bond” was born. In a location that was formerly a parking space, Mr Bond/San Gennaro became the perfect Melbourne version of a relaxed Italian ‘giardino’ (backyard).

This is a place for sharing food with friends, provided in a secluded & protected alfresco eating space, reminiscent of the life that Gino Forlano had experienced with his mother and her family cooking for all who wished to share her food and her hospitality.

Mr Bond/San Gennaro has grown in its first years to be a place where people meet, drink coffee or enjoy shared plates with their friends and family; just like the Forlano family did back in Salerno, Italy.

The focus is on fresh produce, sharing the meal Italian style and enjoying the al fresco atmosphere just like in Southern Italy.

The beautiful San Gennaro evenings at Mr BOND are fast becoming a hot spot in the hustle and bustle of South Yarra. A place to relax and unwind with simple Mediterranean flavours and a glass of wine.